Available GIS Map Data

Santa Clara County Technology Services and Solution Department is responsible for making Countywide GIS map data available to County departments, its partners and the public. Request for GIS data could be made by submitting a request form​ as well.

GIS Data is available for download via County of Santa Clara Open Data Portal: Parcel Layer is updated annually around August of each year while Streets Layer  is updated quarterly.

  • Parcels ​(County Parcels​ represents combination of Air and Land Polygons) - Shapefile format
  • Air Parcels ​(Air polygon represents the approximate area of parcels that are not spatially defined, such as condominiums​) - Shapefile format
  • Land Parcels (Land Polygon represents all the parcels and closed right of ways within County of Santa Clara​)​ - Shapefile format
  • Streets​ (Streets within County of Santa Clara) - Shapefile format

Data available as Web Services:

GIS Data from other County Departments:

And ... Even More Resources:


The GIS data is provided "AS IS". The COUNTY makes no warranties, express or implied, including without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose, regarding the accuracy, completeness, value, quality, validity, merchantability, suitability, and condition, of the GIS data. User's of county's GIS data are hereby notified that current public primary information sources should be consulted for verification of the data and information contained herein. Since the GIS data is dynamic, it will by its nature be inconsistent with the official county data. Any use of COUNTY's GIS data without consulting official public records for verification is done exclusively at the risk of the party making such use.​  Requestors of GIS data shall bear the cost of shipping and handling, and the risk of damage or loss to devices provided to the County by requestors for the purpose of providing GIS data.

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