SCU Complex Fire EOC GIS Successful Partnership | 10:40 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.​​

Louay Toma photo

Louay Toma -  Emergency Manager (Office of Emergency Management)

Louay is an experienced, multifaceted, and real world trained emergency manager with a passion for public service and experience ranging from special districts to local and county government.

He has been deployed to serve our immediate and surrounding communities in disasters ranging from multiple Presidential Declarations to SEAR 1 Federal events his most recent deployments out of the county were for the fires in Paradise and internally the Active Shooter Gilroy and the SCU Complex Fire. 

Chief Douglas Young photo

Chief Douglas Young -  All Hazards Fire Coordinator (Santa Clara County)

Douglas Young- Chief Young serves as the Santa Clara County’s All Hazards Fire Coordinator, who brings over 28 years of experience to the operational area.

He has worked on specialized teams Cal Fire Helitack, local  SWAT teams as a medic and the Santa Clara County Fire Department’s Special Operations Task Force as a firefighter/paramedic, Captain and Haz-Mat Coordinator.  As the All-Hazards Coordinator for the Fire Service, he gathers information and intelligence, provides gap analysis for new terrorist threats and assists in training and equipping the fire service. He also serves as adjunct advisor with a non-profit group that sends Congressional leaders, FEMA officials and first responders to the Middle East to review anti-terrorism best practices. His field work and research on ‘International Terrorist Methodology for Fire Used as a Weapon,”  has been highlighted in local, state and national courses and intelligence briefs nationwide.​

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